International Relationships

The City of Moka, Japan

On 21 June 2022, the Shire signed a Friendship City Agreement with the City of Moka in Japan to establish goodwill and friendly relations between both regions and countries to facilitate common prosperity within social, cultural and economic development.

The agreement confirmed a commitment to:

  1. Mutual receptions of visiting delegations.
  2. Mutual cooperation and exchanges in industry, education, promotion of tourism and other sectors of the community.
  3. Exchange of information concerning history, culture, education and research.
  4. Any other exchange activities in all areas for the purpose of promoting goodwill and friendship between the two regions and our respective countries.

Moka is located in the centre of the main island of Japan, about 100 kilometres north of Tokyo. It is abundant in nature, industry and commerce. With an area of 167.34 square kilometers and a
population of approximately 78,000, the city is an ideal provincial city with well-balanced agriculture, industry and commerce.

Like the Harvey Region, it is blessed with diverse natural beauty, notably its forests, water ways and rolling hills. Its rich farming land has earned Moka the reputation as having some of the tastiest strawberries in Japan.

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