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Australind Community Precinct

The Shire of Harvey has identified the need to develop a community precinct in the Australind area. The current library facilities and administration centre are undersized relative to the existing and growing population needs of the area, and that currently the community does not have access to fit-for-purpose community infrastructure.

Community Consultation

The Shire undertook a six-week consultation process during June, July and August 2021 to obtain community feedback on the preferred location and required community facilities for the Australind Community Precinct.

Three potential locations were identified for the Australind community precinct, with an option for the facilities to be split over two or more locations.

Existing Australind Administration Centre site

Option 1

Existing Australind Administration Centre site 

  • Location: Lot 208, 5 Mulgara Street, Australind.
  • Site size: 17,692m².
  • Existing site features: Civic offices, town hall, library, youth centre, public parking and driveways.
Existing Australind Administration Centre site

Option 2

Leschenault Leisure Centre site 

  • Location: Lot 42, Leisure Drive, Australind.
  • Site size: 603,671m².
  • Existing site features: Leschenault Leisure Centre.
  • Proposed site: Unused portion of the site, behind the existing centre.
Existing Australind Administration Centre site

Option 3

Treendale site

  • Location: Lot 20, Grand Entrance, Australind.
  • Site size: 16,402m².
  • Existing site features: Vacant lot.
Existing Australind Administration Centre site

Option 4

Facilities split over two or more site

Feedback from community consultation for the preferred location was considered and in November 2021, Council adopted the preferred location for the Australind Community Precinct at Lot 208 Mulgara Street, Australind.

The preferred location indicated by survey respondents was the existing Australind site, followed by the Leschenault Leisure Centre site and Treendale site and finally a split of facilities over two or more sites.

The Australind Community Precinct Feasibility Plan was completed using the preferred location as a basis to determine the next steps forward

Community Reference Group

In addition, Council requested the establishment of an Australind Precinct Community Reference Group.

Nominations were invited from members of the community to fill a number of vacancies on the Australind Precinct Community Reference Group. Nominations closed on Friday, 25 February 2022.

If members of the community need to inform us of their requirements, please contact the Community Development Team.

Project timeline

Responses have been received for a tender calling for a business plan and Master Plan of the Precinct. Council will determine the successful candidate by the end of September 2022.

The stakeholders and Community Reference Group will be assisting the consultant determine the needs assessment for the master planning process.

The development of the Australind Community Precinct will be staged, with construction of the first phase planned to start in 2023.