Creative Communities Strategy

Creative Communities

The Shire’s first arts and culture strategy, Creative Communities 2021 sets out an aspiration for the Shire to be a creative community that is vibrant, diverse and engaged through arts and culture.  

Goals and Objectives

This vision is supported by key high level focus areas including:

  1. Artistic and cultural capacity recognises that increased artistic and cultural capacity provides a solid foundation for the development of arts and culture within the Shire of Harvey.
  2. Artistic and cultural events program involves the development and promotion of a placed-based arts and cultural events program in order to provide an opportunity to draw increased visitors and tourism to the Shire, as well as help build the capacity and opportunity for our local artists.
  3. Vibrancy of public spaces identifies the importance of public art as a mechanism for building a sense of place and supporting accessible, challenging and engaging opportunities for community to celebrate art and culture.
  4. Art collection aims to build community knowledge of and investment in the Shire’s art collection.

These focus areas are supported by a mission to listen to and engage with creatives in order to support arts and culture in the Shire of Harvey.