Mural Arts Project

Our Shire is about to become even brighter as a team of experienced artists are set to transform various spaces across our main localities into vibrant, unique and eye-catching artworks.

  • Andrew Frazer, a multidisciplinary artist from Bunbury has created a stunning entry statement on the Wokalup Tavern's south wall. The Mural concept is to honour the Mornington train tragedy that occurred on 6 November 1920 and the countless human stories that were so deeply impacted on the day.
  • Ian Mutch is a South-West artist that explores beauty through nature, characters and details. Ian has transformed the Harvey pool building, creating themes based on the beauty of the Harvey Region and Harvey River.
  • Jack Bromell is a Italian-Australian artist whose work is characterised by an intricate, illustrative style and is heavily inspired by nature, feelings and dreams. Jack will convert the walls of the Leschenault Estuary Eco Museum into a mural, that highlights our beautiful estuary and native fauna. 
  • Luke O'Donohue is a Western Australian artist centring his practice on large scale murals and public art. His work has a definitive typographic lean and is influenced heavily by the age old craft of signwriting. Luke will be transforming the North wall on the Boundary at the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre.

The Mural Arts Project is one of many projects that will  focus on the vibrancy of public spaces in the Shire's Creative Communities 2027 Strategy. The strategy was adopted by Council in August 2022 and presents a vision for the Shire to be recognised for its vibrant and cultural community that is rich, engaging and reflects the uniqueness of our places.

For more information or to suggest a location for consideration, please contact the Shire's Community Development team.

Wokalup Tavern
Wokalup Tavern mural by Andrew Frazer
the Harvey pool building
The Harvey pool building mural by Ian Mutch
the Leschenault Estuary Eco Museum
The Leschenault Estuary Eco Museum mural by Jack Bromell
The Boundary
The Boundary mural by Luke O'Donohue