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Youth Strategy

Voices of Youth 

The Shire of Harvey’s first Youth Strategy, Voices of Youth 2021-2026 was developed in partnership with young people, key agencies and service providers.

Voices of Youth was adopted by Council on 26 April 2021 and sets out a commitment to partner with our young people to be responsive to their needs and collective aspirations.

Goals and Objectives

The strategy provides a five-year framework that will enable the Shire to strategically meet the current and future needs of our young people.

Goal 1: Listen, engage and acknowledge - our young people are valued contributors and members of community

  • Develop and deliver opportunities for our youth to have a voice
  • Develop and deliver opportunities for our youth to be engaged in decision making
  • Celebrate the achievements of our young people

Goal 2: Belong and connect - our young people are connected to community

  • Foster a sense of belonging by supporting our young people to connect with community
  • Support and advocate to connect our youth to services
  • Develop and deliver engagement that enables the Shire to connect with youth and primary caregivers

Goal 3: Opportunities to thrive - our young people are supported to reach their full potential

  • Support and advocate for education opportunities for our youth
  • Support and advocate for employment opportunities for our youth
  • Develop and deliver opportunities for our youth to build leadership skills
  • Develop and deliver opportunities for young people to build life skills
  • Advocate for innovative solutions to known barriers

Goal 4: Active and inspired - our youth have the opportunity to be social, active and creative

  • Support places that promote fun, inclusion and growth
  • Provide opportunities for our youth to be active and healthy
  • Develop and deliver opportunities for our youth to be social and creative

Priority Projects

The strategy has five priority projects to be actioned during the next five years.

  1. Establish a Youth Advisory Council (YAC)
  2. Develop and implement an annual youth survey
  3. Provide opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships in Shire operations
  4. Activate strategic locations in the Shire to positively engage youth
  5. Develop an iconic Youth Week festival at Ridley Place Foreshore

Each of these priority projects, alongside other actions of the strategy, will contribute to the strategy’s vision and mission which focuses on listening to, engaging, empowering and supporting our young people.

For further information, please contact Community Development Officer on 9729 0339 or email.