Within the Shire of Harvey, effluent is disposed of by Minister’s sewer (Water Corp) or domestic effluent disposal systems. Please note that all enquiries concerning the Minister’s sewer (infill sewerage program, connection points, and easements) should be directed to Water Corporation on 131395.

Where Minister’s sewer is not available a domestic effluent disposal system is required which is either a conventional septic system (septic tanks and leach drain/soak wells) or in areas Designated for Alternative Treatment Units (see related documents) a nutrient retentive system.

All onsite effluent disposal systems require a septic application to be completed and approved by Council’s Health Department before installation. Before the commissioning the septic tanks or drainage receptacles (leach drain/soakwells) an Environmental Health Officer is to be notified so that an approval inspection of the apparatus can be undertaken.

It is an offence under the Health Act 1911 to use an apparatus before it has been inspected and approved.

Servicing of Septic Tanks

The Shire no longer operates a contract for the cleaning of septic tanks, soakwells, leach drains or grease traps. Licensed contractors can be found in the yellow pages.