Strategic Community Plan

Strategic Community Plan
02 Jul 2021

The Strategic Community Plan provides a clear roadmap for the future that defines the priorities we will need to focus on over the coming years.

The draft Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031 was adopted by Council at the June Ordinary Council Meeting. This important Plan highlights the priority areas the Shire will focus on over the coming years in order to achieve the strategic goals of the community.

The Plan concentrates on five strategic goals:

Goal 1: Diversified Economy

A diversified economy creates a sustainable cycle of economic activity and leads to economic resilience in the face of external pressures.

Goal  2: Connected Communities

A connected community is resilient. People have opportunities to come together and celebrate success and to support one another in creating a sense of safety, well-being and belonging.

Goal 3 Protected Natural Environment

Adopting a range of management practices to protect, conserve and rehabilitate the biodiversity of the natural environment

Goal 4: Sustainable Built Environment

Encompassing everything human-made, a sustainable built environment is one that will meet current needs while considering the needs of future generations.

Goal 5: Effective Civic Leadership

Effective civic leadership is visionary and influential. It means listening to the community, balancing competing demands, making fair decisions and acting with integrity.

The strategic goals and objectives have been outlined on a one page summary sheet.

Next, we will be presenting the draft Corporate Business Plan to Council in July for adoption. The Corporate Business Plan is a four-year rolling plan that contains more specific information about the services, projects and activities and the level of financial, asset and workforce resources that will be required to implement the Plan.

Together, these two documents will form the Shire’s plan for the future as we work towards our vision of together, towards an even better lifestyle.