Creative Communities 2027

Creative Communities 2027
21 Sep 2022

The Shire's Arts and Culture Strategy: Creative Communities 2027 was adopted by Council outlining our commitment to support greater artistic vibrancy.

Earlier this year, the Shire secured a grant of $48,000 from the State Government’s Regional Arts and Cultural Investment Program to develop a Creative Communities Strategy. 

We have worked closely with creative groups in the Shire to ensure support, growth, and opportunity are offered to this important segment of our growing community. This partnership will continue over the next five years to also include collaboration with Federal and State Government, local businesses, the education sector, and community-based arts and cultural organisations. 

The strategy was adopted by Council in August and presents a vision for the Shire to be recognised for its vibrant and cultural community that is rich, engaging and reflects the uniqueness of our places.

Shire President Paul Gillett said the Shire is looking forward to the next five years focusing on the vibrancy of public spaces, artistic and cultural events, cultural capacity and art collection.

“We have a blank canvas, a new story to write and express and local talents to be appreciated. It’s time to get creative,” Cr Gillett said. 

We are proud to present Creative Communities 2027, the Strategy that promotes the value of arts, culture and heritage and facilitates activities that foster regional creative and cultural industries. 

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this Strategy via workshops and community consultations.