Types of Effluent Disposal Systems

The following types of effluent disposal systems are approved and can be installed in the Shire of Harvey.

    Secondary Treatment Systems 

    The Shire is located within the Peel Harvey and Leschenault Catchments. Most of the soils in the catchment have a low capacity to bind nutrients. These soils are often so poor that any phosphorus applied to them can be quickly washed into drains and other waterways. Unfortunately in recent times the catchment has shown signs of distress, with sedimentation, nuisance algae, harmful algal blooms and fish deaths. There is an urgent need to balance growing urbanization and intensification of agriculture with the long-term health of the estuary. 

    Due to the number of sensitive environments and ecosystems within the Shire, you may be required to install a Department of Health approved Secondary Treatment System (STS) which can be installed and serviced by authorised servicing agents.

    Conventional septic systems

    These systems consist of two septic tanks and either two leach drains or four soak wells.  The septic tanks collect all effluent which is then discharged into the ground via leach drains or soak wells.

    Visit the Department of Health for approved plastic and non-plastic septic tanks and leach drains.

    Minimum setbacks that must be followed during installation are:

    • 1.2m from the septic tank to any building, footings, retaining wall or boundary
    • 1m between the primary and secondary septic tanks
    • 1.8m from any leach drain to any septic tank, any other leach drains, building, footing or retaining wall, any sealed or paved area or boundary
    • 30 metres from any leach drains to any well or bore intended for human consumption
    • 6 metres from any leach drain to any sub-soil or open drainage system
    • 1.2 metres from the base of the leach drain to the highest known winter water table.

    More information and contacts

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