Installing and Maintaining a Septic Tank

Application to install

When sewer connection is not available to your property, an onsite effluent waste disposal system is required.  For all new dwellings, sheds, renovations or additions to existing dwellings an application must be lodged.

To apply to install a standard septic tank, please complete and submit the following to the Shire of Harvey:

  • Completed application form (see below)
  • Two copies of your site plans
  • Illustrative plans of the proposed plumbing layout
  • Fee payment of $236.00 (or copy of receipt of payment).

Important notes:

  • If the premises produce more than 540 litres of waste per day, approval is also required by the Department of Health. Additional fees may apply. Submit the application as per the instructions above and the Shire of Harvey will contact you to discuss further.
  • The application can be made by the property owner or plumber.
  • Payment can be made by completing the credit card detail on the form or you can contact us to pay by phone.

Following the assessment and approval of your application, you will be provided with conditions that the system must meet.

Inspection and permit to use

Prior to the occupation of your dwelling, a final inspection of the septic tank must be undertaken by a Shire of Harvey Environmental Health Officer.

The responsibility is with the installer of the system to arrange the inspection.

Please ensure prior to the inspection that:

  • The pipe work into the tanks has been left exposed
  • All conditions as specified on the approval letter have been completed and
  • Power is available and connected to the pump and alarm, if installed.

Once the system has been inspected and commissioned, a Permit to Use will be issued and you are able to move into your dwelling or use the system.

Important note: It is an offence to use a system before it has been inspected and approved.

Desludging/pumping out

Over time tanks will accumulate sludge and scum and will need to be pumped out (desludged).

As a guide, pumping out/desludging is required as follows:

  • Two-person households: Every eight years
  • Four-person household: Every four years
  • Four+ person household: More often is recommended.

Pumping out/desludging requires a licenced liquid waste contractor. Contractors are listed in the Yellow Pages under Septic Tank Cleaning Services.

Existing septic tank plans

The Shire may have copies of existing septic tank plans. If required, please contact us.

More information and contacts

For more information please contact us.

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