Audit Committee

The Local Government Act 1995 requires that all local governments establish an Audit Committee. The Committee plays a key role in assisting the Shire of Harvey to fulfil its governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to financial reporting, internal control structure, risk management systems, legislative compliance, ethical accountability and audit functions.

CEO Employment Committee

The role of the CEO Employment Committee is to:

  • Undertake reviews of the CEO’s performance and make recommendations to Council
  • Undertake reviews of the CEO’s remuneration and make recommendations to Council
  • Undertake the CEO recruitment process when required and make recommendations to Council regarding the appointment of a new CEO.

This committee meets at least once per year and make a recommendation to Council.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

The objective of the Bush Fire Advisory Committee is to advise Council on all matters relating to the operations of the Bush Fires Act 1954. The voting committee members are delegates from each of the 8 Fire Brigades established in the Shire and the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer. This committee meets at least twice per year and makes their recommendations to Council.

Local Emergency Management Committee

The role of the committee is to ensure that effective local emergency management arrangements are prepared and maintained for the Shire of Harvey and perform any other emergency requirements as specified under the Emergency Management Act 1995. This committee has representation from several government agencies all associated with emergency management.

Annual Elector’s Meetings

The Annual Electors meeting is established to consider the Annual Report and receive input and discussion points from Shire of Harvey electors. This meeting is held in January every year and welcomes public participation.

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