Australind Leschenault Place Advisory Group

The Shire of Harvey’s Advisory Groups aim to improve community engagement and inform the Shire of the needs and aspirations in the community.

Each Advisory Group has Council Representatives and Community Representatives. 

Advisory Group meetings are open to the public. For further information, please contact the Community Development team on 9729 0300 or email.

Role of the Group

To advise the Shire of Harvey on strategies and policies for the Australind and Leschenault community.

Objectives of the Group

  • Assist the Shire of Harvey to engage the community about priority projects, services and facilities.
  • Assist the Shire of Harvey to prioritise the Strategic Community Plan strategies and projects.
  • Assist the Shire of Harvey to identify opportunities for community development through creative utilisation of existing resources and assets.
  • Assist the Shire of Harvey by collectively identifying, supporting and working towards projects that serve to build community pride and capacity.

Meeting Minutes

View current minutes.

Australind Leschenault Place Advisory Group Terms of Reference. 

Council Representatives

ImageNameContact details


Cr Wendy Dickinson 

Mobile: 0428 564 490


Cr Alicia Hitchcock 

Mobile:  0488 035 269


Cr John Bromham

Mobile: 0488 123 747


Community Representatives


Amanda Lovitt

Amanda is a previous Shire Councillor, passionate about advocating for the needs of the community and is involved in various community groups.

Angelique Fransen

Angelique loves living in Australind and wants to contribute to her local community, she has worked in Community Development and Tourism. 

India Stone

India wants to have input into the development and upkeep of the Australind area. 

Karen McCarthy

Karen is a founding member of Australind Scout Group and has been involved as an executive committee member of the Leschenault Progress Association for the last 15 years.

Lynda Armstrong

Lynda values and treasures the community and natural environment where she lives.

Seana Sloan

Seana is passionate about engaging the community and facilitating a communication link between the community the Shire.

More information and contacts

Please contact the Community Development Team with any enquires.  

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