Library, Early Years, Art and Culture and Performing Arts (LEAP) Advisory Group

The Shire of Harvey’s Advisory Groups aim to improve community engagement and inform the Shire of the needs and aspirations in the community.

Each Advisory Group has Council Representatives and Community Representatives. 

Advisory Group meetings are open to the public. For further information, please contact the Community Development team on 9729 0300 or email.

Role of the Group

To advise the Shire of Harvey on strategies, programs and policies to support L.E.A.P. in the Shire.

To champion L.E.A.P. in the community.

Objectives of the Group

  • To advise the Shire of Harvey on policy matters and the strategic direction of library services within the Shire.
  • To advise the Shire of Harvey on priorities for infrastructure improvements and major maintenance of library services within the Shire.
  • To identify and advise on emerging issues relevant to the implementation of Bright Futures: A Strategy for Children and Families.
  • Contribute feedback, advice and recommendations on projects, infrastructure and draft policies related to Early Years activities, programs and initiatives.
  • To identify suitable public art opportunities throughout the Shire.
  • To enhance cultural life through public art projects that enliven and engage with the community in public spaces.
  • To foster a supportive culture that allows local art, artists and the cultural industries to develop high quality works.
  • To celebrate and enhance the history and culture of the Shire through meaningful public art.
  • To promote existing and identify potential public art trails within the Shire.
  • Ensure that art collections are maintained, developed and made accessible to the community.
  • Ensure the Shire of Harvey set aside appropriate funds in the annual budget to commission public art projects, spaces and collections.
  • Ensure the Shire of Harvey keep a publicly available Art Collection Register and perform valuation and condition assessments on the Collection as required.
  • Ensure all commissions embody artistic excellence and integrity and to advise on matters relating to public art.

Next Meeting

Monday, 6 May 2024 at 5 pm at Myalup Community Hall. 

Meeting Minutes

View current minutes.

L.E.A.P. Advisory Group Terms of Reference.

Council Representatives

ImageNameContact details
Cr Alicia Hitchcock




Cr Wendy Dickinson 

Mobile: 0428 564 490


Community Representatives


Charmaine Burke

As a previous member of the Art and Culture Advisory Group and user of the Shire Libraries, Charmaine facilitates small study groups and is representing Harvey Art Community Hub.

Jan Bathurst

As a previous member of the Art and Culture Advisory Group and practicing artist, Jan also sits on the Shire's Art Panel. Jan has a Masters Degree in Visual Arts and looks forward to promoting visual arts.
India StoneIndia is an avid supporter of the arts including drama and music, seeing the arts as a unifying medium that is crucial to a flourishing society. India is also a regular user of the Shire library and is a Secondary English teacher.
Kathy O'ShaughnessyKathy is a retired early years special education assistant who enjoys volunteering at BREC and Harvey Senior High School. Kathy has performed with groups in Harvey and is looking forward to libraries being a diverse place for community that is not just about books. Kathy  is passionate about engaging families with young children to strength the Shire.