Seniors Programs and Activities

The Shire of Harvey provides health and social activities, recreational, educational, workshops, meals and outings for individuals aged 50+.

Senior Centres and Meal on Wheels

The Seniors Centre’s in The Shire of Harvey aims to enhance the quality of life of seniors and values being part of an age friendly community. There are lots of activities, classes, events, meals, outings and courses, and services for seniors.

To find out more contact the following:

  • Australind and Districts Senior Citizen Centre: Call 9725 8998 or email.
  • Harvey Senior Citizen Centre and Meals on Wheels: Call 9729 1833 or email.

Shire of Harvey libraries

The Shire of Harvey has libraries located in Harvey, Australind, Yarloop and Binningup.

Our libraries have been services and programs for seniors. To find out more, visit the Libraries section of our website.

Men’s Sheds

The Men’s Shed brings men together to form friendships, support other men within the community for their mental health and wellbeing and engage with the local community through projects and social aspects.

To find out more visit:

Leschenault Leisure Centre

Located in Australind, the Leschenault Leisure Centre provides sport and recreation activities for seniors to enhance quality of life through exercise and social experiences.

Living Legends Program

The Living Legends program is an evidence based progressive strength and exercise program aimed at reducing the incidence of falls and improving the health, wellbeing and independence of people over 50 in Western Australia.

This preventative health program maximizes the opportunities available for those over 50 to engage in:

  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Individualised
  • Results orientated
  • Scientifically proven strength programs in the longer term.

To find out more about the centre and the Living Legends program, visit the Leschenault Leisure Centre website.

Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre

The Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre is open seven days a week and is a hub of activities and events for seniors in Harvey and surrounding areas.

Strength for Life

Strength for Life (formerly known as Living Longer Living Stronger) is an evidence based progressive strength training and exercise program designed specifically for the over 50’s operating in Western Australia since 2004. 

Progressive strength training has been shown to have a huge impact on wellbeing and quality of life. Providing a safe, fun and personalised sessions in approved facilities by expert trainers!

Stay on Your Feet

Stay on Your Feet is a cardio and strength training exercise class that aims to promote healthy active ageing and raise awareness within the community that falls are preventable and not a consequence of aging.

There are 9 steps to staying on your feet. Look at all the steps and then focus on those parts that relate to you, your lifestyle, independence and environment.

  1. Be active
  2. Manage your medicines
  3. Manage your health
  4. Improve your balance
  5. Walk tall
  6. Foot care and safe footwear
  7. Regularly check your eyesight
  8. Eat well for life
  9. Identify, remove and report hazards.

Cultural Events

The Cultural centre offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences including a mix of concerts, movies, theatre, comedy and dance. Concession discounts available.

For more information about what the centre has to offer seniors and to get involved in the programs above, visit the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre website.

Community Resource Centres

Community Resource Centres provide a central, easily accessible ​point for seniors to access a comprehensive collection of essential information and services. Seniors can access the internet free of charge and training is available upon request.

More information on activities and programs can be found on the following websites:

Community services

Visit our online community directories to access services in the Shire of Harvey.

More information and contacts

For more information on services and programs for seniors please contact us.

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