Agenda and Minutes

All Council meetings are live streamed to the Shire’s YouTube Channel.


Prior to the agenda of a Briefing Session being discussed by Elected Members, members of the public are provided with an opportunity to make a deputation at the Briefing Session.

Members of the public wishing to make a deputation at a Briefing Session may make a written request to the Chief Executive Officer by 10am on the day of the scheduled Agenda Briefing session by using the form below. Deputations at a Briefing Session must relate to a matter listed on the Briefing Session Agenda.

Deputations form

Public question time

The Shire encourages public participation in its decision-making process through the asking of questions at Council meetings or Briefing Sessions.

Questions and Deputations to a Council meeting can relate to any matter the Shire has responsibility for.

Due to the public health state of emergency that has been declared across the State of Western Australian in respect of COVID-19, written questions can only be submitted to Council meetings and Briefing Sessions that are determined to be held by electronic means.

Members of the public wishing to submit a question may make a written request to the Chief Executive Officer by 10am on the day of the scheduled Ordinary Council meeting by using the form below.

Public question time form 


A petition is a request for action. Any elector or group of electors may petition the council to take action. However, the subject of a petition must be a matter on which the council has the power to act. An elector is a person who owns or occupies rateable property within the Shire of Harvey and is eligible to vote in local and state elections.

Key Details

The petition must:

As far as practicable be prepared in the form prescribed by the Shire below.

  • Be addressed to the council.
  • Be respectful and temperate in its language.
  • Set out a concise statement of facts and the action sought.
  • State the name, address and signature of all electors making the request, including date of signature.
  • Set out the name and address of the petition initiator.

The Local Government Act authorises local councils to make appropriate by-laws for local people and communities. It is important for these to provide long term solutions rather than temporary relief to minor problems.

The role of the Council is to provide public services, make wise decisions in the interests of the community in a balanced way for the greatest benefit, to initiate, coordinate and serve as a catalyst for local effort, and to represent the community.

The Council is currently made up of 13 Elected Members, one of whom is the Shire President, and all are elected by the people. Elections are held every four years, the next one due October 2019.

Council also conducts annual community meetings each year.

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