FOGO bin audit results

Residents in the Shire who are using the Food Organics Garden Organics bin are to be commended on their efforts, with a 2.2 per cent contamination rate from the first FOGO bin audit.

Out of the seven local governments within the South West that use the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council landfill and organics processing facility, the contamination rate ranged from 1 per cent to 4.29 per cent. The items which caused contamination were food still contained in the packaging, plastic containers, including beverages and clothing.

In September, 375 tonnes of organic waste and 176 tonnes of recyclable material were diverted from landfill through the residential kerbside collection within the Shire. The Shire of Harvey diverted 64 per cent of waste from landfill in September which is in line with the State’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

The audit also sampled general waste bins and found 7.6 per cent of organics material, which is a 5o per cent reduction compared to this time last year. Clothing was the highest weighted item outside general waste, alongside paper/cardboard, plastics and recyclable beverage containers. Some large e-waste items were also found in the audit, along with some hazardous household waste items.

The Shire’s refuse sites will take your Hazardous household waste.

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