Do You Need Development Approval?

When development approval is required

All development/land uses require approval under the Planning and Development Act 2005 for all works or use of land in the District Area, unless an exemption applies.

The types of development that may require development and/or land use approval are:

  • Building envelope modifications
  • Clearing of vegetation
  • Home occupation
  • Development in a place of landscape value
  • Development located in a Bushfire Prone Area (BAL40 or BALFZ)
  • Grouped dwellings (Unit sites where there is more than 2 dwellings)
  • Ancillary accommodation outside of residential zones
  • Advertising signs
  • Commercial development or land use
  • Industrial development or and use
  • Extractive industries/mining
  • Change of use

If you are unsure if your proposal will require approval, please contact us.

Development approval under the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme

The Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GBRS) is a statutory region scheme administered by the Western Australian Planning Commission. The scheme requires landowners pursuing certain types of developments to obtain Development Approval.

Development Approval is required under the GBRS in the following circumstances:

  • Development is of state or regional significance
  • Certain developments abutting a regional open space reservation
  • Certain developments abutting a regional road reservation
  • All development on land abutting a public purposes, railways, state forests or waterways reservation
  • Certain developments in special control areas
  • Certain developments in, adjacent to or in close proximity to the strategic agricultural resource policy area
  • Certain developments in, adjacent to or in close proximity to the strategic minerals and basic raw materials resource policy area
  • Shopping Centre proposals where the net lettable area of the proposed building is more than 2,500m² and the net lettable area of the extensions is more than 1000m²
  • Development in the rural zone which may not be consistent with the purpose of the rural zone
  • New poultry farm proposals or proposals for any extension or addition in excess of 100m² to the improvements of an existing poultry farm
  • Certain development near the coast.

The Shire has been granted delegated authority to issue Development Approval for certain types of development, while other developments will need to be determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Checking the zoning and permitted use of a property

Please use the interactive mapping tool (IntraMaps) to view information about land in the Shire of Harvey.

You can contact the Shire to find out the following information about your property:

  • Zoning
  • R-Code density
  • Additional or Special Use zones requirements
  • Place of Landscape Value requirements
  • Allocated Building Envelopes

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More information and contacts

For more information or assistance please contact us.

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