Bushfire Mitigation and Emergency Management

Planned Mitigation Works

Mitigation Activity Fund (MAF) Grants Program 

Round 1 of bushfire mitigation works for 2022 - 2023 will be carried out across the Shire, starting in August 2022.

The below locations will be updated as the works are carried out:

  • Treatment ID 15717 - Old Coast Road from Marine Drive to Halyard Parade in Leschenault, by reducing elevated ground fuels, creating a canopy separation.
  • Treatment ID's 7015 and 7026  - Cathedral Avenue, Leschenault (R39950) reducing elevated ground fuels, including follow-up chemical spray.
  • Treatment ID 14879 - Lisa Road (R 33203) mulching between firebreaks to reduce elevated fuel loads.
  • Treatment ID 6804 - Clifton Park - chemical works to remove noxious introduced weeds.
  • Treatment ID 11425 - Tributary Place, Leschenault - establish a fire access track by using granular substrate material (R 43651).
  • Treatment ID 11458 - Tributary Place, Leschenault (R43651) - Install spider gate (6 legged gate to provide emergency services access).

All care is taken environmentally to reduce noise and ensure animal habitats are untouched.

Nearby residential properties will be notified when the works are to be carried out, by correspondence and social media.

For more information contact the Bushfire Risk Mitigation Officer, Mr Andrew Church,  0418 934 942.

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan

The Shire of Harvey is in the process of developing a plan using the Bushfire Risk Management System.

A Bush Fire Risk Management Plan is a document that:

  • Identifies bushfire related risk at the strategic level and priorities area of the local government.
  • Identifies assets of value that are at risk from bushfires.
  • Documents the risk ratings.
  • Documents treatment strategies.

Local emergency management arrangements

The Shire has plans and structures in place to bring together government, volunteers and private agencies to assist in dealing with a major emergency.

Find out more in the document below.

Local Emergency Management Committee

The Shire’s Local Emergency Management Committee is made up of representatives from:

  • The Shire of Harvey
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Western Australian Local Police
  • State Emergency Services (SES)
  • Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades
  • St John Ambulance
  • Harvey Hospital
  • Department of Communities.

The committee’s role is to advise and assist the Shire in ensuring that Local Emergency Management is established for the district.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

The Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC) was established pursuant to Section 67 of the Bush Fire Act 1954.

The Committee was established for the implementation of fire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The Bush Fire Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from:

  • Local Captains from our volunteer bush fire brigades
  • Chief and deputy fire control officers
  • Councillors
  • Manager of Waste and Safety Services
  • Community Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Members from State Government Authorities.

More information and contacts

For more information about bushfire mitigation, please contact us.

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