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Your Rates Explained

The rates paid on residential property are calculated based on the operating requirements of the Local Government.

The rates you pay are a proportionate share of what is needed by the Local Government to provide local services and facilities.

That is, if your home has greater potential rental return than your neighbours, you will pay a higher share of the total rates budgeted by Council.

Explaining how your rates are calculated

What are rates?

Local Government rates are an annual payment received from all property owners within the Shire of Harvey.

Your rates contribute to many community services and infrastructure, such as:

  • Recreation facilities and four public libraries
  • Maintenance of parks and gardens, playgrounds and reserves
  • Maintenance of roads, footpaths and community facilities.

See below an image of how every $100 from your rates is invested

How rates are calculated

Each property is issued a Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Valve (UV) based on the location and zoning of the property. This valuation is provided to the Shire by Landgate’s Valuer General Office. It should be noted the Shire has no say in how your property is valued.

To calculate your general rates, you will need to times the GRV or UV amount by the rate in the dollar which is set each year by the Shire of Harvey.

Please see calculation example below:

              General Rate (GRV) $20,500 x 0.092437 = General rates $ 1,894.96

              General rate (UV) $550,000 x 0.005045 = General rates $ 2,774.75

Each year the Shire imposes a minimum payment per rate assessment. If the calculation of the GRV or UV by the rate in the dollar results in an amount less than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge will be applied.

For more information guidance on property valuation, visit the Landgate website.

Appealing your rates

Property Valuation

A property owner may lodge an objection against the valuation of a property within 60 days from the date of issue of a rate notice.

For information on how to lodge an objection, please visit Landgate’s website or call Landgate Customer Service on (08) 9273 7373.

Please note Section 6.81 of the Local Government Act 1995 states that rate assessments are required to be paid, irrespective of whether an objection or appeal has been lodged. In the event of a successful objection or appeal, the rates will be adjusted, and you will be advised accordingly. Credit balances may be refunded on request.

General Rates and Specified Area Rates

In accordance with Section 6.82(1) of the Local Government Act 1995, where there is a question of general interest as to whether a rate or service charge was imposed in accordance with this Act, the local government or any person may refer the question to the State Administrative Tribunal to have it resolved.


As per Section 6.26 of the Local Government Act 1995, some organisations may be eligible to apply for a rates exemption. Such as:

  • Charitable organisations
  • Religious bodies
  • Government agencies.

If you would like to apply, please contact us.

Rates must be paid as per the rate notice until such time as a decision has been reached. All balances outstanding will accrue penalty interest.

Adoption of Fees and Charges

Notice is hereby given that the 2023-2024 Fees and Charges of the Shire of Harvey have been adopted for the 2023–2024 year.

These fees and charges will apply for the 2023–2024 financial year. 

Other charges:

Emergency Service Levy (ESL)

The ESL Levy is charged to all property owners in Western Australia to fund fire and emergency services. The Shire is required to collect this levy for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Find out more about the Emergency Services Levy on the DFES website.

Waste Facilities Maintenance Rate (WFMR)

The WFMR is charged to all property owners in the Shire of Harvey to fund the management of the Shire’s waste facilities including, but not limited to, the rehabilitation of refuse disposal sites. Revenue from this rate provides for the proper performance of the Shire's waste facility services. 

The Shire imposes a minimum rate on all land, in both town sites and rural areas. These minimum rates are imposed to ensure a fair and equitable amount of rates is payable by all ratepayers.

More information and contacts

For more information about rates please contact us.

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