Council and Committee Meeting Changes

The structure of the Shire of Harvey’s Council Meetings and Committee Meetings will be changed as of November this year after the council voted to amend the current structure at its Ordinary September meeting.

In an effort to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of Council decision making the structure of Council and Committee meetings will alter after the Local Government Elections.

Instead of Council meetings being held every three weeks, they will be held once a month in conjunction with a Concept Forum and Agenda Briefing Forum in the weeks leading up to the Ordinary Council Meeting.

Chief Executive Officer Annie Riordan said these changes should facilitate community participation, accountability and informed decision making as Council will have more time to discuss and debate Council items before they make a decision.

“These changes were workshopped with Council in July with WALGA staff and the outcome was that a system of concept forums, agenda briefing and Council meetings would be more effective and provide staff with the opportunity to discuss strategies and ideas with Council,” she said.

“This new format will also better facilitate community participation, as community members are able to attend Agenda Briefing Forums and Council meetings to have their say and better understand the Council’s decisions.

“A community engagement policy will also be developed to encourage participation and the community’s input.”