Local Planning Policy

The Shire of Harvey has developed Planning Policies to help guide the assessment of various development proposals and land-use changes throughout the municipality.  These policies set out a standard that can be applied consistently with various applications and helps to inform the public of the expectations of Council.

The current list of Local Planning Policies is set out below for your information.  If you have any queries as to whether a proposal you are considering has a relevant planning policy that is applicable or unsure of the content, please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Planning Department.

Town Planning Scheme No. 3

Local Planning Policy 4.1.1 TPS No.3

Home Occupations

Local Planning Policy 4.1.2 Home Occupations

Bank Guarantees and Bonds

Local Planning Policy 4.1.3 Bank Guarantees and Bonds

Air Quality Control Guidelines

Local Planning Policy 4.1.4 Air Quality Control

Residential Land Slopes

Local Planning Policy 4.1.5 Residential Land Slopes

Street Setback for Grouped Dwellings

Local Planning Policy 4.1.6 Street Setback for Grouped Dwellings

Advertising of Subdivisions

Local Planning Policy 4.1.7 Advertising Subdivisions

Extractive Industry Proposals within the Kemerton Locality Strategic Industrial Area

Local Planning Policy 4.1.8 Kemerton Industry Proposals

Wind Turbines in Rural Areas

Local Planning Policy 4.1.9 Wind Turbines

Setbacks for Structures on Farming Land

Local Planning Policy 4.1.10 Setbacks for Structure on Farming Land

Reflective Materials Within a Place of Landscape Value

Local Planning Policy 4.1.11 Reflective Materials Within a Place of Landscape Value

South Australind Development Guidelines

Local Planning Policy 4.1.12 Development Guidelines – South Australind

Heritage Places

Local Planning Policy 4.1.13 Heritage Places

Medium Density Single House Development Standards (R-MD Codes) – Treendale Riverside Estate (Treendale South)

Local Planning Policy 4.1.14 Medium Density Development Standards (Treendale South)

Advertising Signs

Local Planning Policy 4.1.15 – Advertising Signs





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