With population growth in many of the Shire’s urban and rural settlements, planning deals with a wide range of proposals varying in nature and scale to ensure that satisfactory outcomes are delivered for future generations.

All development within the Shire requires approval and in many cases, the Shire’s Planning Department assess these to determine the most appropriate result for the community.

While it may not be realised, planning plays a significant role in ensuring adequate outcomes are achieved, ranging from day to day activities through to large scale projects that are of regional significance.

The Shire’s Planning Department also liaises with other surrounding local governments and the various State Government Departments to guarantee a suitable and effective environment for the Shire’s continued growth.

Planning Consent

In many circumstances before development or other proposals proceed, Planning Consent is required from the Shire to ensure that Local and State Government policy is adhered to.

Whether you are looking to construct a shed, make a modification to a heritage listed house or start a home business, many situations require Planning Consent.  In some circumstances, Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GBRS) Approval may also be required as part of State Government requirements, depending on the nature, scale or location of the proposal.

To determine whether you require Planning Consent for a certain proposal or development, please see the information sheets below. This will provide you with a guide as to what forms of development and proposals require Planning Consent.

Fees and Charges

For full details on the Planning Department’s Fees and Charges, click the link below:

Fees and Charges 201920

Do I Need Planning Consent/GBRS Approval?

Many developments within the Shire require Planning Consent.  However, developments are not the only cases requiring Planning Consent.  Proposals such as establishing and running a day care, commercial or private stables, running a business from home and indeed many other operations require Planning Consent to ensure that the most appropriate outcomes are achieved for a location.

The Shire of Harvey’s Planning Department is tasked to ensure that any potential issues are mitigated or reduced before development or alterations take place.  As such, the appropriate avenue taken to assess a proposal is through lodging an Application for Planning Consent.

In some circumstances Planning Consent is not required and a proposal may require only a Building or Health Permit.  If you are unsure, please see the Information Sheet below or contact the Shire’s Planning Department for more information.

Please see the Information Sheets below for more details.

Information Sheet Applying for Planning Consent

Information Sheet – Do I need Approval Under the GBRS

Places of Landscape Value

The Places of Landscape Value are considered by the Shire of Harvey to be of great scenic value and it is intended that these places should be retained to a state acceptable to the Council.

Properties that fall within the Places of Landscape Value are required by District Planning Scheme No. 1 to gain Planning Consent prior to any form of development taking place.  This is to ensure that the most appropriate outcomes are achieved in retaining such landscapes and enhancing them.

Please see the map below to find out whether your property is included within the Designated Places of Landscape Value.

Designated Places of Landscape Value

Applying for Planning Consent

Different proposals and developments that require Planning Consent will be assessed against various Council and State Government policy.  To effectively allow the Shire’s Planning Department to assess an application, a number of items need to be addressed before an Application for Planning Consent is lodged.

The items that need to be included within an application vary on a case by case basis but generally require a scaled site plan, a completed application form and in some cases may require a cover letter and additional information to be submitted, either at the time of submission or as requested.  A fee must also be paid when an Application is lodged.

For more information regarding the process and what is required for an Application for Planning Consent, in addition to planning forms and fees, please click on the attachments below.

Information Sheet – Home Occupation

Information Sheet Applying for Planning Approval

Planning Forms can be accessed on the Forms and Fees page situated on the Home Page.



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