Technical Services

Technical Services role is to ensure that Council’s infrastructure is comprehensively planned, constructed and maintained to meet the community’s aspirations. This is accomplished through processes of short-, medium- and long-term planning, identifying and considering future infrastructure needs and setting appropriate standards, policies and strategies.

Typical Infrastructure under our management includes roads, paths, stormwater drainage (including open drains), coastal (including jetties, boat ramps & seawalls), parks and gardens, signage and line marking, streetlights.

It should be noted however as our Shire has large areas of irrigated farmland many of the open drains located in Reserves or on private land are the responsibility of either Harvey or Water Corporation. Please contact the respective organisations directly to discuss any issues you may have with these assets.


The Shire of Harvey is responsible for the re-newel upgrading and maintenance of:

  • 515 km of sealed roads;
  • 470 km unsealed roads;
  • 18 bridges;
  • 121 km shared paths;
  • 7,100 drainage structures (i.e side entry, grated, and junction pits, soakwells etc);
  • 143.5 km drainage pipes;
  • 69 (149 Ha) Parks & reserves; and
  • 9 Sports grounds.
Contact Person: Technical Services Department
Contact Phone: (08) 9729 0300
Contact Email: